Downtown Martinsburg


Planning Department Seeking Input

City of Martinsburg Comprehensive Plan Update


The City of Martinsburg is beginning an update of its Comprehensive Plan, a long-range planning document meant to help guide future city decisions, programs, and development.  The most important function of this plan is that it represents the vision and concerns of the people who live, work, and use the City every day.  This survey is one way for you to help shape this plan by telling us where you agree and disagree with the statements and issues below.

Link to online survey:

Paper copies of this survey are also available.  For more information please contact the City of Martinsburg Planning Department at 304-264-2131, ext. 266, or by email at:


Thank you for helping determine Martinsburg's future!  Community workshops and other events will continue throughout the plan update process – stay tuned!


Notice of Increased Parking Meter Fines

Please note that, as of January 1, 2017, fines for failure to pay a parking meter will be increased as follows:


If not paid within 7 days--$25.00

If not paid within 30 days--$50.00

After 60 days of non-payment, violators are subject the issuance of a warrant.

Please note! While the penalty for violation has increased, the meter rates and cost of parking permits have not increased. The City of Martinsburg appreciates your business and citizenship.




New Website

The City of Martinsburg is pleased to announce a new, modern website is in the works. Please bear with us a little longer while we work on this crucial economic development tool to help businesses, visitors and residents navigate our beautiful City.




Effective August 11, 2016, the City of Martinsburg approved Ordinance 2016-22, which amended Section 545.10 “Fireworks: Definition, Sale, Possession and Discharge”.  The Ordinance updates the type of fireworks that may be sold by vendors, per WV State Code.  However, please note the discharge of fireworks within the municipal city limits remains prohibited during any time of the year.


Complaints regarding the discharge of fireworks within the City of Martinsburg city limits should be reported to the Martinsburg Police Department at 304-264-2100.  Violators cited for discharging fireworks within the City shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than thirty (30) days or both.


The City of Martinsburg appreciates your cooperation in this matter.