Downtown Martinsburg
Mayor and City Council


George Karos

City Council

Gregg Wachtel - Councilmember-At-Large
Harriet Johnson - Councilmember-At-Large
Dennis J. Etherington - Councilmember Ward 1
Kevin Knowles - Councilmember Ward 2
Ken Collinson- Councilmember Ward 3
Mark C. Baker- Councilmember Ward 4
Jason W. Baker - Councilmember Ward 5

The Mayor and seven Councilmembers are elected for four (4) year terms. The next City election will be held on the second Tuesday in June of the year 2020.

To be eligible to run for Mayor you must be a citizen entitled to vote at the election for which you are elected. The Mayor is the chief elected official of the City of Martinsburg.

Councilmembers must be residents at the time of their election and voters in the ward from which they are elected, and in the case of Councilmembers at large, voters and residents of the City. Any Councilmember who removes themselves from their ward, or City, shall vacate their office and their position shall be filled by a qualified person.

Any one or more qualified voters of the City of Martinsburg may be nominated for Mayor or City Council, but no person may accept nomination for more than one office, during the same election. Nominations shall be by one petition or by separate petitions with fifty (50) signatures of qualified registered voters and residents of the City of Martinsburg for the office of Mayor and twenty five (25) signatures of qualified registered voters and residents of the City of Martinsburg for all Council offices. Filing procedures are outlined in the City of Martinsburg Charter.

For more information on the City of Martinsburg's election process you may contact the City Recorder at (304) 264-2131 extension 273.

You can contact the Mayor at (304) 264-2140 and the City Council at (304) 264-2131.

Inquiries regarding voter registration should be directed to the Berkeley County Voter Registration  Office at (304) 264-1989. 

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