Downtown Martinsburg
Code Enforcement

Code enforcement activities by the City of Martinsburg Planning Department are intended to identify properties and buildings that are lacking proper maintenance or sanitation, and to cause violations to be corrected.

The 2009 International Property Maintenance Code as well as applicable sections of the Martinsburg Codified Ordinances are enforced by the Code Enforcement Official.  The intent of these codes is to provide minimum requirements and standards for properties, structures, and equipment as needed to ensure public health, safety and welfare. 

The Code Enforcement Official routinely reviews the neighborhoods throughout Martinsburg, as well as responds to complaints.  When a violation is confirmed by the Code Enforcement Official, a notice of violation is issued to the owner (or other responsible party) requiring corrections to be done within a stipulated time in order to avoid being summonsed into municipal court for possible fines.

Properties with code violations are subject to several levels of abating the threat to public health and safety.  In addition to remedies available through the court system, the City of Martinsburg Planning Department may consider condemnation, demolition, performing corrections, and filing liens.

Residents within the city limits of Martinsburg who wish to report a property maintenance code violation may call the City of Martinsburg Planning Department at (304) 264-2131.